Logo design

  • A logo is a distinctive stylised graphic representation of a company's full or short name. A logo is a way of drawing customers' attention to a company, its goods and services, and a way of improving brand recognition and building a positive image. It constantly reminds people that you are there, and that your company is exactly what they need.

    A logo is a defining visual characteristic of a company. A well-designed logo makes it easy for consumers to recognise your company, and your products and services, setting you apart from the myriad of other companies in an oversaturated market; it provides your products and services every competitive advantage product branding can give. It allows consumers to identify your company, and your products and services; it protects your advertising and marketing investment from the competition; it boosts consumers' loyalty to your brand; it lets you charge higher prices; it brings plenty of other benefits. Once you have a great logo, you can run an efficient and memorable campaign in any media, print promotional materials and offer souvenir products.

    Designing a logo is not as easy as it may seem at first glance; if you want the job done right, hire a professional. A logo is a source of power. It is the power of recognition. Like the face of a film star known for always playing one of the good guys, a well-crafted, visually appealing and clear logo is something everyone knows and trusts, and something far beyond any competition. A great logo can make your business a success.
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  • Corporate identity

  • Corporate identity is a collection of visual elements conveying a single idea and creating a distinctive brand image.

    Today, a company's corporate identity is an essential component of a positive business image, that makes it distinct and, therefore, helps increase sales and boost customer loyalty. The identity of a business, organisation, product or service is the first and primary point of contact with the target audience. The key elements of a corporate identity are:
    • Business cards
    • Letterheads
    • Corporate envelopes
    • Corporate folders

    We can also offer you a whole range of additional corporate identity materials.

    A professionally designed corporate identity will give your organisation a positive image in the eyes of your customers, putting you in a unique position in the industry and allowing you to stand out from the rest.
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  • Website design

  • Creating a design is the first step to creating a website. It is the design that determines whether a user, who has little interest in how it all actually works, stays or leaves a website. So, it is crucially important for a website design to look fresh, stylish and nice. A professionally designed website allows users to find quickly what they need, providing them with a positive experience though its style and elegance.

    Creating a good website design starts with defining its structure, deciding how many sections and pages it will have and what those pages will contain. It is important to consider the psychological aspects of human perception of information and not to clutter pages up. A professionally crafted website design becomes yet another important component of a company's corporate identity. A beautiful website creates a good image of the company, telling new visitors about it, its products and services in an intelligent and clear manner and cementing the loyalty of existing customers.
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